Unifying the Customer Experience


It’s not enough to just have a website or an app. Your customers demand a unified digital experience – online, in store, and everywhere else.

To get there you need a clear vision for how you will reshape your business proposition for a digital world.

Today's consumers don’t believe what you SAY about your brand. They believe in the experience your brand delivers – and for most customers that experience is delivered digitally. If your brand can’t deliver a fantastic digital experience it quickly becomes irrelevant to today’s digital customer.

Creating a specific vision for your transformation should start with deep insight into the needs of your customer and a measure of the trajectory that the digital world is moving. From there you have to craft a clear and specific picture of the value you will be creating for those customers in the future and how it needs to be marketed, delivered, and serviced, and how you will make money. 

But it’s not enough to have a clear and effective vision. You have to be able to sell it to your organization.  That means both an inspiring story that anyone can grasp that illustrates your future customer experience as well as a well researched business case that lays out the case for investment and the expected return.

Our approach to Customer Journey vision has six steps: