Optimizing Your Current Touchpoints


We help our clients rapidly optimize digital touchpoints to drive new revenue.

Many many large companies disappoint their customers in the digital arena resulting in lost revenue and diminished brand perception. We've helped clients like Avis, NBC, Exelon and Nutristystem generate significant business impact through rapid optimization.

FROM has the tools and methods to conduct a RAPID Revenue Optimization Audit which can identify gaps in your digital experience.

We typically find a large number of small issues that can degrade the overall user experience and cost potential revenue. Each gap discovered offers the opportunity to plug a hole, improve your customer's experience and in many cases produce a business lift. The next step is to work with your team to prioritize and start making iterative improvements, measuring the results, and celebrating the victories!

Our optimization process has five steps:

We've repeatedly discovered multi-million dollar opportunities for clients during just a handful of weeks of work. Check out our case studies or talk to us for more details.