Creating Content Ecosystems


We’ve been creating award-winning digital content since the earliest days of the web and have a holistic view that includes creation and monetization.

Over 70% of the time your customers spend in the digital arena is spent consuming content--whether its product reviews, Angry Birds, Facebook posts or Game of Thrones. But in the area of content there is no linear relationship between investment and return. We've created inexpensive videos that have "gone viral" and generated many millions of views. We've also seen clients come to us after having spent millions on expensive content and see it barely move the needle.

At FROM we create content from games and videos to product descriptions and brand stories. But winning the content game is about creating content that strategically forms effective content ecosystems--collections of content which inform and entertain, but also persuade and ultimately drive the behaviors that align with business outcomes. These behaviors vary situationally from upselling vacation packages, to driving additional advertising impressions, to gathering customer information for future re-marketing.

We’ve worked on developing content and content ecosystems for clients from Houghton Mifflin and Amazon to JPMC and Mattel using the following 7 steps: